We’re operating under German data protection laws and this is an approximate English translation of our Data Protection Statement which is not legally binding. You can find the full German version here: http://www.cameracrewgermany.com/de/datenschutz/

这是我们网站上个人数据处理的概述. 这包括与您个人相关的所有数据.

According to Art. 1 (1) GDPR (DSGVO), the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. Each person has the right to the protection of personal data concerning him; in accordance with Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.


1. 本网站数据处理的负责机构

Surridge Films GmbH由Alexandra Richter代表


Phone: +49 (0) 69/538690

E-Mail: info@muslimeye.net


2. mg游戏您的数据权利的信息


  • which categories of personal data are stored (for example, address data, payment data, health data),
  • for what purposes the data is processed
  • 向哪些接收人或接收人类别披露资料(e.g., shipping service providers, payment service providers) and, in particular, whether we transfer the data to a third country outside the European Union or to an international organization,
  • 储存多长时间或根据哪些标准确定储存时间
  • whether automated decision-making, including profiling, is used and, if so, how it is designed and what impact it has,
  • 如果数据不是从您那里收集的,那么所有mg游戏数据来源的可用信息.

In addition, you are entitled to:

  • demand your personal data stored by us, which we process on the basis of your consent or under a contract with you and whose processing is done by automated means, in a structured, common and machine-readable format in itself or a third party – as far as this is technically feasible.
  • in the case of incorrectness, 是否立即纠正并立即完成, if incomplete
  • to be deleted, unless:
    • 你的数据是行使言论自由权所必需的,
    • or to fulfil a legal obligation
    • 或者执行符合公众利益的任务
    • or to exercise, assert or defend your rights
  • or to restrict the processing of the data,
    • 只要我们证实你所说的数据不正确就是正确的
    • 或者如果数据处理不合法,并且您拒绝删除数据
    • 或者当我们不再需要这些数据,但你需要它来进行法律索赔
    • or if you have objected to the data processing but have not yet determined whether our legitimate reasons outweigh yours.

Furthermore you have the right to

  • 随时撤销对数据处理的同意,并对未来生效. 在撤销之前,您的数据处理仍然是合法的. 您可以通过电子邮件:info@cameracrewgermany行使您的撤销权.com;
  • 向我们投诉监管机构, 您可以联系您所在地区的监管机构, your workplace or our registered office;
  • 如果您的数据是出于合法目的处理的,反对使用您的数据. 反对的权利必须产生于特定情况的理由, 除非异议是针对直接广告或形象分析, 哪些与直销函件直接相关. 在这种情况下,不需要说明理由;
  • to receive information on whether, as a data subject, you are required by legal or contractual principles to provide personal data and the consequences if you do not provide the data.


3. Data collection when visiting our site

a) Automatically transmitted data

我们的网站是通过我们的供应商的服务器传送到您的浏览器. In doing so, 提供程序将自动传输的信息保存在浏览器的日志文件中. This includes:

  • browser type and version number
  • 以前访问过的网站地址(所谓的http referrer)
  • Date and time of the request
  • IP address

The storage takes place for the purpose of error analysis and for statistical purposes so that we can offer you a comfortable page and improve the site. 数据被临时存储,直到自动删除. The data will not be merged with other data. The legal basis for data processing is Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f DSGVO.


b) Google services

我们在我们的网站上使用b谷歌的一些服务, 这是b谷歌公司提供的网络分析服务.美国加州山景城圆形剧场公园路1600号.

These services are described below. 这些服务是根据第2条提供的. 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 lit. f DSGVO. 我们的目标是使用这些措施来设计我们的页面需要和舒适, 并不断优化其内容和技术方面. 为此,我们还收集统计数据并对其进行评估,以使我们的产品适合我们的用户. 这些都是艺术意义上的合法利益. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f DSGVO.

有关谷歌如何处理用户数据的信息,请访问公司的隐私页面 http://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics. The purpose of this service is to provide you with a tailored page and to optimise it according to your needs on an on-going basis. 当您访问网站时,分析软件会自动下载到您的计算机. Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, text files that are stored on your computer and that allow an analysis of the use of the website by you. 由cookie生成的有关您使用本网站的信息, 例如浏览器类型和版本号, 以前访问过的网站地址(所谓的HTTP引用者), date and time of the request, IP地址通常被传输到美国的谷歌服务器并存储在那里. 这些数据用于创建假名化的使用配置文件. On behalf of the operator of this website, 谷歌将使用这些信息来评估您对本网站的使用情况, to compile reports on website activity and to provide other services related to website usage and internet usage to the website operator. 这些信息可能会被转移给第三方, 如果法律要求或第三方在订单中处理此数据.

我们已经在我们的网站上激活了b谷歌分析的“人口统计特征”功能. On this basis, 您可以生成分析,提供有关访问者年龄的信息, gender, and interests – data that Google generates from interest-based advertising and third-party visitor data. 将数据分配给特定人员是不可能的. 如果你有谷歌帐户,你可以关闭它(在“广告设置”下). Alternatively, you can disable the data collection by Google Analytics generally or only on our website (see below under “Browser Plugin”).

We save the data for 38 months.

我们已经在我们的网站上激活了b谷歌分析的IP匿名功能. As a result, the software shortens its IP address within the European Union and in the contracting states to the Agreement on the European Economic Area prior to transmission to Google. In exceptional cases, however, IP地址可以完全转移到谷歌服务器并在那里缩短. Many Google servers are in the US. 该IP地址不会与谷歌提供的其他数据合并.

可以在浏览器设置中限制或完全禁用cookie的存储. 在这种情况下,并非我们网站的所有功能都可以使用. To prevent only the transmission of your data in the context of Google Analytics provides a Google browser plugin available. You can download and install it here http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en for free.

为了防止数据传输到谷歌Analytics,您可以 click on this link. 这将在您当前使用的浏览器中设置一个选择退出cookie. 这可以防止将来在访问我们的网站时捕获您的数据.



We also use Google Conversion Tracking. 因此谷歌Adwords设置了一个cookie(见第4条).),如果您通过外部网站上的b谷歌广告访问我们的网站. mg游戏广告活动的数据, 我们可以确定单个广告措施的成功程度. 我们有兴趣向你们展示你们感兴趣的广告, 使我们的网站对您更有趣,并实现广告费用的公平计算. 我们收到谷歌的统计评价. On the basis of these evaluations, 我们可以确定哪些广告措施是特别有效的.

These cookies usually lose their validity after 30 days and are not intended to identify you personally. If a user visits certain pages of an Adwords customer’s website and the cookie stored on their computer has not expired, Google and the customer will be able to detect that the user clicked on the ad and was redirected to that page.

每个Adwords客户被分配一个不同的cookie. 不能通过Adwords客户的网站跟踪cookie. 我们自己不会在上述广告措施中收集和处理任何个人数据. 我们只收到谷歌提供的统计评价. On the basis of these evaluations, 我们可以确定哪些广告措施是特别有效的. 我们不会从广告材料的使用中收到任何进一步的数据, 特别是,我们不能在此信息的基础上识别用户.

By including AdWords Conversion, Google receives the information that you have accessed the relevant part of our website or have clicked on an ad from us. 如果您注册了谷歌提供的服务, 谷歌可能会将访问与您的帐户关联. 即使您没有在谷歌注册或没有登录, 谷歌将收到您的IP地址和统计信息(浏览器类型和版本号), 以前访问过的网站地址(所谓的HTTP引用者), 请求的日期和时间)以及您从我们这里检索的页面的地址.


A)相应地调整浏览器软件, in particular, 禁止第三方cookie将阻止您接收任何第三方广告;

b) by disabling the cookies for conversion tracking by setting your browser to block cookies from the domain “www.googleadservices.com”, http://www.google.com/settings/ads,此设置将在您删除cookie时被删除;

c) by deactivating the interest-based advertisements of the providers that are part of the “About Ads” self-regulation campaign via the link http://www.aboutads.info/choices,此设置将在您删除cookie时被删除;

d)永久停用您的浏览器Firefox, Internet Explorer或谷歌Chrome下的链接 http://www.google.com/settings/ads/plugin. 我们指出,在这种情况下,您可能无法充分使用此报价的所有功能.


YouTube – a service provided by Google

YouTube – a service from Google. 你可以在我们的网站上观看嵌入的YouTube视频. For your protection, the service is secured with the 2-click method so that your data will not be transmitted to Google until you activate the service by clicking.

如果您在访问我们的网页时点击YouTube视频, 谷歌将收到您的IP地址和统计信息(浏览器类型和版本号), 以前访问过的网站地址(所谓的HTTP引用者), date and time of the request, if applicable the viewed video , Device IDs, cookie data and location information) as well as the address of the pages you retrieve from us and sets a cookie. 无论谷歌是否提供您登录的用户帐户,都可以执行此操作, or if there is no user account. 当您登录谷歌时,您的数据将直接分配到您的帐户. 如果您不希望在谷歌上与您的个人资料关联, 您必须登出后才能激活该按钮.

谷歌将您的数据存储为使用配置文件,并将其用于广告目的, 市场调研和/或量身定制的网站设计. Such an evaluation is carried out in particular (also for non-logged-in users) to provide needs-based advertising and to inform other users of the social network about your activities on our website. 您有权反对这些用户档案的形成, and you must comply with this to Google. Many Google servers are in the US, 所以这些数据很有可能存储在美国. 有关详细信息,请参阅谷歌隐私政策.

我们从该YouTube视频的用户处收到匿名统计信息. These are e.g. watching time reports, 您正在收听的视频播放设备来自哪个来源(例如, YouTube search), video translations, interaction reports (subscriptions, or clicks on favourite), and demographics the users (age, gender).


4. Cookies

On our web pages we use cookies. cookie是浏览器保存在其设备上的文本文件.g. 电脑或智能手机,当您访问我们的网站. 我们使用cookie是为了让网站更方便用户使用, 统计记录本网站的使用情况,以提高访客的舒适度和安全性.

Mostly we use so-called “session cookies”. 在这里,我们可以看到您在此会话中已经访问过的页面. 当您停止访问我们的网站时,您的浏览器会自动删除这些cookie. 所有其他cookie将永久保存在您的浏览器中. So we can recognise it on subsequent visits and you have don’t have to re-enter information in forms again. 这些cookie将在指定时间后自动删除.

在浏览器的设置中,您可以配置其对cookie的处理. 例如,一般可以禁止设置cookie或只允许设置某些cookie. 您也可以设置浏览器在退出程序时删除所有cookie. 如果您使用这些选项,则可能是我们的网站在您的浏览器中无法正常工作.

We store the cookies on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO. The storage is necessary for the protection of our legitimate interests for the purposes mentioned above.


5. Data storage using our contact form

如果您通过联系表单向我们发送消息,我们将保存此消息及其发送的所有数据. Mandatory information for the transmission of the newsletter is solely your e-mail address and your name. 这是为了回复您的信息,并能够亲自称呼您的名字. The processing of your contact data is based on your voluntarily granted consent (Article 6 (1) a DSGVO). You can revoke your consent at any time. 撤销对撤销前发生的数据处理没有影响. The personal data processed in the use of our contact form will be deleted as soon as your request has been processed, you have revoked your consent or request us to delete the data or until the statute of limitations of your requests for information and other claims.

Overview and configuration of your consent

Here you can view the consent to the processing of personal data you have given or denied in the past. 如果您尚未同意任何内容,则该表将为空:

Date Version Consents

These settings were saved under the ID . You can change these settings here.

All Cookies



External Media

来自视频平台和社交媒体平台的内容默认被屏蔽. 如果接受外部媒体cookie,则访问这些内容不再需要手动同意.


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